Police Clearance Certificate India

The Police Clearance Certificate India (PCC) is an official document given to a person by the Indian Police or an approved official of the Indian government. It shall recognize any criminal history that a person may have towards his or her name and shall include a clearance certificate if those records are clear.

The PCC was only incorporated to protect the rights of both the Indian applicant and the nation to which they are immigrating. It is only necessary for Indian employees travelling abroad for their job, those who have applied for a residence permit abroad, and those who have applied for a long-term visa.


Indian PCC Cost

Indian PCC costs differ marginally depending on a variety of factors:

  • How are you going to pay–cash, debit card, credit card, or postal order?
  • Do you need a text message notification?
  • How are you going to submit an application–either in person or by courier?
  • In which state do you live?
  • How are you going to obtain documents, either in person or by courier?

How to apply?

  • You can send PCC application inquiry through the iVACS Australia Website.
  • iVACS Australia will send you a document checklist for the service requested by you.
  • Once the documents are received, the iVACS Australia team invites you to the iVACS office to sign all the necessary documents. We can also send you all the required documents via express post, and you can send them back to us with your signature. Please note, for minor applications, both parents need to sign the application form and other supporting documents.
  • iVACS Australia will invite you to share your Credit Card information and authorize VFS for charging the necessary deductions for relevant applications. Please note, all service charges will be directly debited from your credit/debit card for transparency, privacy, and compliance reasons.
  • Once the payment is complete and documents have been cross verified, the iVACS Australia team submits the documents at Consulate or their appointed authorized agent’s office, such as VFS Global.
  • iVACS Australia team will provide you with an application ID for future references or tracking your applications.
  • The applicant receives an email from Authority confirming their application is received and accepted.
  • Once the application has been approved, the PCC will reach your residential address via Express Post. The Applicant signature is required when documents get delivered to your nominated address.

iVACS Australia is a service-oriented organization that will complete your entire PCC Application and provides you quality service. iVACS Australia assures you a highly experienced, Courteous, Efficient, Lovable, Stress-free, Peaceful, Convenient, Quick, Joyful, Hope-filled, Destined, Flexible, Satisfactory service. As an applicant and iVACS customer, your time, trust, peace, and Joy is so valuable to us! We respect you and your trust in us and provide us with all personal confidential documents.