Life Certificate & Attestation of Pension paper of Pensioners

If you live in Australia and you need a certificate of life, the IVACS team in Australia can draw up all the documents required for you.


Completion of this form by Veterans’ Affairs pensioners in person (or by a trustee or agent as stated below) is necessary to establish that a client is still eligible to receive a pension. Issued to clients turning 100 years of age.

What’s a Life Certificate and why do you need to get one?
From time to time you need to make sure you are receiving the pension payments you’re entitled to. This is entirely routine and you need to update by signing a form called Life Certificate.

The Life Certificate form allows you to inform about any changes in your circumstances that could affect your pension or if you’re not getting the right amount of pension. It also helps prevent pension fraud and help us to establish when someone is unable to manage their own affairs.

Besides checking that you’re alive and well, and still getting the right amount of pension, the Life Certificate form also gives you the chance to tell us about other things that could affect the pension you get, for instance:

  • If you get another job, or
  • If you are getting a dependant’s pension but then get married, form a civil partnership or begin living with someone as your husband, wife or civil partner.
  • If you become too ill to understand or handle your own affairs, or
  • If you move house


There have been instances in the past where pensioners have died without their relatives updating the information, continuing to illegally collect the pension.

There are also some cases of financially abused incapacitated pensioners, who have been taken advantage of by friends and family members.



Pensioners have a responsibility to inform the Government about changes in their circumstances so that there are adjustments made to their payments. Our team of experts at IVACS Australia has extensive experience in filling out the necessary paperwork for obtaining a life certificate. We can help you get one without any hassle.

In order to complete the Life Certificate, we need an independent witness who does not live with you and is not related to you. Most people have a friend, neighbour or ex-work colleague who can fulfil this role. We require an independent witness to sign your application as there were fraud cases in the past that was actually committed by family members.

If you’re concerned about becoming physically or mentally incapable of looking after your own affairs, or if a relative who’s getting a pension becomes incapable of looking after their own affairs, you can contact us and we’ll help you decide what to do next.

You can call us directly to make an appointment or fill out the enquiry form available on our website, one of our team members will contact you at your convenient time.