Indian Police Clearance Certificate

Indian Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official document issued by the Indian authorities that verifies an individual’s criminal record and provides a clearance if no such records are found. It confirms that the applicant has not been involved with the Indian police and has no criminal history. This document is essential for various purposes, including visa applications, particularly for those applying for an Australian visa.

Who may need Indian PCC?

Indian and foreign nationals who are residing or have resided in India may require an Indian PCC. Foreign nationals can apply for a PCC for the period of their employment or studies in India. However, Indian nationals traveling abroad for tourism purposes do not need a PCC. It is worth noting that PCC is issued only to individuals over 18 years old.

Why may you need Indian PCC?

For those applying for Australian visas, especially for citizenship and permanent residency, obtaining an Indian PCC is often a necessary requirement. You may need it if you are applying for residential status, seeking to immigrate or obtain visas for other countries, applying for employment or long-term visas, or when your profession requires clearance.

Where can you get Indian PCC issued?

Indian PCC is officially issued by the Indian Police or an authorized Indian Government official. Indian students living in Australia can obtain their PCC through the Indian Consulate or High Commission in Australia.

Applying for an Indian PCC through iVACS Australia:

The application process for an Indian PCC varies based on nationality and current place of residence:

  1. Indian nationals residing in India can apply for a PCC online through the Passport Seva Kendra (PSK) website.
  2. Indian nationals residing outside India can apply for a PCC in person at the Indian Diplomatic Mission/Post with jurisdiction over their residence.
  3. Foreign nationals residing in India can apply for an FPCC online through the e-FRRO portal.
  4. Foreign nationals residing outside India need to follow the procedure specific to the country they are in.

Eligibility conditions to obtain Indian PCC:

– The applicant’s passport must be valid for at least 6 months.

– For Indian nationals, a valid Indian passport and proof of address are required.

– For foreign nationals, a valid passport, address proof, and proof of stay in India during the required period are necessary.

In conclusion, an Indian Police Clearance Certificate is a crucial document for individuals applying for an Australian visa. It confirms the absence of a criminal record and is necessary for various purposes, such as employment, immigration, and long-term visas. iVACS Australia offers a streamlined process for obtaining an Indian PCC, making it easier for applicants to meet the visa application requirements.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

The processing time for a PCC depends on when the clearance is obtained from the relevant police authorities in India.

No, only a valid passport may be used to obtain a PCC. The validity period of a passport must be at least six months.

The Police Clearance Certificate will be issued only in English.

The Indian PCC does not have a specified period of validity mentioned on the certificate. Generally, it is considered valid for six months, but this can vary based on the authority handling the application.

Yes, it is possible to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate multiple times, depending on the purpose and the country for which it is required. You may need to apply for different certificates for different purposes or in different countries.

If an adverse report is received due to incorrect personal information such as address, gender, parents’ names, or spouse’s name, applicants are advised to check and ensure that the following particulars are correct before filling out the application:

– Correct address with someone residing at that place.

– Correct gender.

– Correct parents’ names as per the passport.

– Correct the spouse’s name as per the passport.

If the police report is adverse, the Embassy cannot issue a PCC. In such cases, the applicant will need to directly contact the police authorities in India to resolve the issue.

Yes, selecting a specific police station in India is a mandatory step when filling out the online PCC application.

Applicants need to provide this information themselves. Suggested sources for finding the correct police station include checking on the internet, referring to police websites of the concerned district, or verifying through personal contacts.

Minors can only apply for a Police Clearance Certificate if it is required by a foreign government.

The Police Clearance Certificate given by the Indian Embassy in Berlin cannot be apostilled.

Once your application is lodged, VFS Global will send you an application acceptance email containing a reference number and a tracking link to monitor the status of your application.