Indian Driver License Verification

All the Indian driver’s license holder residing in Australia need to upgrade Indian driver’s license to an Australian driver’s license. In order to achieve that you need to apply for Indian Driver License Verification (IDLV) and should clear DKT. iVACS Australia helps the Australian Indian community as well as the local Australian community to provide assistance with Indian immigration matters. Our notary public services include applying for verification by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of notarial certificates to fulfil the standards of the Indian Driver License Verification (IDLV) Checklist (DFAT). You must carry your original driver’s license and passport when you make an appointment to visit our office.


We prepare a required document attesting to your identity and certifying the copies of your driver’s license and passport. The DFAT will validate our certificates in order to satisfy the standards of the High Commission of India for Indian Drivers License Verification.

We notaries documents intended for India on a daily basis. Enabling us to handle and look after the formal requirements of notarization and verification saves you the ambiguity and inconvenience of a procedure that you might be unfamiliar with.

Steps for applying for Indian Driver License Verification (IDLV)

  • Register yourself at iVACS Australia for the Indian Drivers License Verification (IDLV).
  • The iVACS Australia team will contact you to discuss your requirements.
  • iVACS Australia will send you the checklist of the document.
  • You can contact iVACS Australia anytime if you have any difficulty in gathering documents.
  • The iVACS Australia team will fill up the application form or help you to fill up the online form.
  • We submit the application by hand or through express post.
  • Our team will provide you with an application ID for future references or tracking of your applications.
  • The applicant receives an email from Authority confirming their application is received and accepted.

iVACS Australia is a service-oriented organization that will complete your entire Indian Drivers License Verification (IDLV) process and provides you with quality service. iVACS Australia assures you a highly experienced, Courteous, Efficient, Lovable, Stress-free, Peaceful, Convenient, Quick, Joyful, Hope-filled, Destined, Flexible, Satisfactory service. As an applicant and iVACS customer, your time, trust, peace, and Joy is so valuable to us! We respect you and your trust in us and provide us with all personal confidential documents.