How To Get An OCI: A Step-By-Step Guide

(Overseas Citizenship Of India application)

The Indian government did not permit dual citizenship until 2005, which prohibited many persons of Indian heritage from residing and working there. The Citizenship Amendment Act of 2005 was enacted in response. The Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) category was established by the 2005 act to let international nationals of Indian heritage reside and work in India.

OCI is not the same as Indian citizenship, and most nations do not view OCI as foreign citizenship. People with OCI status are subject to several limitations, including the inability to vote in Indian elections, run for office, or buy land.

The Indian government regards the OCI as a lifetime, multifunctional visa. OCI cards are not required to disclose the length of their stay in India to the authorities, nor is OCI status based on work.

Who Qualifies for an OCI?

If any of the following circumstances occur, you could be qualified for OCI:

● Anytime between now and January 26, 1950, you were an Indian citizen.

● You were a resident of one of the territories that joined India after August 15, 1947.

● On January 26, 1950, you were eligible to become an Indian citizen.

● You are a person’s kid or grandchild subject to one of the circumstances mentioned above.

● You are a child whose only parent is an Indian citizen.

● Before applying for an OCI card, you were married for at least two years and are the partner of an Indian citizen or OCI cardholder.

Process for OCI Applications

You have two options for submitting your OCI application: in person at a CKGS office or via mail.

According to the evidence you must present, you must meet the qualifying conditions specified in the section above, your parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents. The following types of evidence are recognized:

● The Indian passport

● A replica of a current domicile certificate

● A copy of the spouse’s OCI or PIO card or a legitimate birth certificate


How to Complete an OCI Application

To provide a smooth and trouble-free experience, the iVACS staff will gather all the necessary documentation from you and will precisely complete the application form on your behalf.

If an application form or document needs your signature, they will deliver a hard copy by express mail. You can return it by mail or see us in person to hand over the original papers and sign the application form. If you reside in Sydney, you are advised to come to their office in Blacktown (Sydney) so that they can expedite the procedure and offer you the finest Indian passport renewal Australia service.

Processing OCI

Applications for OCI are usually handled in 8 to 10 weeks. However, the processing time is determined by the application; incomplete or poorly submitted applications may require more time. Here is where iVACS kicks in, where they can help you get your OCI processed.

iVACS Australia (Indian Visa and Consulate Services) is simple and organised to ensure that you receive a quick, easy, and convenient service. Within Australia, they may offer services like online application form completion.

The steps of OCI processing are broken down below, along with an estimate of how long each one takes:

First step: After being submitted, an application is forwarded to the Indian Consulate that is closest. If approved, the OCI card is sent to the Consulate from Delhi, India. Usually, this process takes 60 days.

Second Step : After the OCI card has been sent to the Consulate, the applicant must submit to the Consulate their American passport. This process takes roughly 3 days.

Third step: The Consulate compares the OCI card to the U.S. passport. Usually, this takes a week.

Fourth step: Within three days, the applicant’s local CKGS office will mail them their OCI card and U.S. passport.

You don’t have to go through this if you process your application through iVACS. They will take care of your first application process and renewal of the application.

How to Follow Up on an OCI Application

You may track your application on the CKGS website’s “Track My Application” page. Only your tracking ID and passport number are required. But when you are signed up with iVACS, you don’t have to take the trouble tracking and managing your application. The iVACS team handles everything and updates you on your application process.


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