IVACS AUSTRALIA SERVICES PTY LTD T/as iVacs Australia Disclaimer

  1. iVacs Australia is an independent privately owned and operated Australian business under IVACS AUSTRALIA SERVICES PTY LTD ABN 44643436882 & ACN 643 436 882. 
  2. iVacs Australia and does not have any affiliation with High Commission of India, Canberra, the Indian government, Ministry of External affairs India or Consulate offices across Australia or any other government agencies and provide services related with Indian Immigration through Indian Consulate offices
  3. iVacs Australia provides services predominantly to the local Indian community that resides within Australia and other Australian citizens who wish to visit India for tourism, business, study, work or any other purpose which is legally authorized by the Indian government.
  4. While every effort is made to provide accurate information on our website but please be mindful that Indian visa, OCI and passport, and other service requirements are constantly changing and there may be a delay before we are advised of such changes.  The processing times and application charges are decided by relevant Indian Authorities. We always recommend that you contact local Indian Embassy / Consulate offices or High Commission of India, Canberra for the latest, accurate, and updated information.
  5. iVacs Australia will take utmost care in the submission of original documents of the clients to relevant authorities but will not be responsible for the loss or damage of original documents by any unforeseen circumstances however iVacs Australia will surely help the applicant as much as we can in getting those back or issuance of new ones.
  6. We highly recommend that you provide your own debit or credit card details for Consulate payment. This is to ensure transparency between the applicant and iVacs Australia. By providing details of your debit or credit card you agree and authorize the respective Indian Consulate office or their nominated agents within Australia to deduct the money from your account for required services. 
  7. iVacs Australia does not store your credit or debit card details in our database.  You should not send such financial (credit/debit card) details by email or watts app or text messages rather fill it manually when you visit us to sign the application form.
  8. The Notary public services are not provided by iVacs Australia however we can help you with details of the public notary who can provide you with their services. You should pay your notary fee directly to authorized personal. 
  9. iVacs Australia does not have a NAATI license to carry out the Translation of document work.  This is an eternal service provided by us. We can have your documents translated in Australian English by an Authorised agency within the day. (costing may vary). The Certified Translation is usually required for a legal document. We can get any Indian language documents translated to Australian English through NAATI accredited translator.
  10. We provide services related to Indian Immigration (Indian Consulate) only. We do not provide any sort of services related to Australian immigration. Please contact Migration Agents (MARA) or Australia Immigration department for any inquiry you may have related to Australia Immigration. We even do not have suggestions or recommended migration agents list to suggest to you. 
  11. iVacs Australia is unable to assist you in any way related to Australian immigration. Matter. The list of all iVacs Australia consultancy services listed on our websites. iVacs Australia does not provide any other service in or outside Australia. 

Other important Information:

  1. iVacs Australia processes your application using document/ information provided by you as being Applicant. (For minor, Parents are the authorized signatory) 
  2. When you visit iVacs Australia to sign the application form and other documents, it is your responsibility to be an applicant to check your application to ensure that information filled on the application form is accurate.
  3. You must bring in all your original documents to us so we can verify it with the documents you may have provided us by e-mail. You must not provide us with any bogus documents as it will create legal complications for you and your application will be rejected by Authority and iVacs Australia and its team members will not be responsible for any fraudulent documents and the sole responsibility will be of the applicant only.
  4. Your completed application form duly signed (by applicant or applicant parents [in case of minor]) along with supporting documents will be submitted to relevant Indian Consulate authority for further processing. It is up to the Indian consulate or high commission of India or other Indian government authorities to approve or reject your application.
  5. Once your application is submitted to the authority you should contact the Indian Consulate office directly to find out the progress of your application. We are unable to follow up on your application.  
  6. If you receive an email from the Consulate office or authority where you have been asked to provide more documents/evidence/information, please provide such information to the authority directly. If you require any assistance from us please contact us and we will assist you as much as we can.
  7. iVacs Australia does not have any influence with Indian Authority to priorities your applications and therefore please contact the authority directly should you wish to have your application prioritized for compelling reasons.  We are unable to make such a request on your behalf to the Indian Consulate office.
  8. Your application form requires the exact signature you have on your current passport. The scan / digital signature is not valid and is not accepted.
  9. By reading Disclaimer and other important information, you consent iVacs Australia to process your application.
  10. Any application processed by iVacs Australia above terms and conditions is applicable. If you do not agree to this, we are sorry, we are unable to assist you! 


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