Consulate General Of India

The High Commissioner of India (HCI) and The Consulate General of India (CGI) have consular jurisdiction over the Australian States. The Consul general serves as a representative who speaks on behalf of the Indian nation and Government in Australia.


The Consul General represents India in Australia and helps Indian Community residing in Australia with the Indian Consulate works. Also, the Consul General is a single point of contact to resolve any queries and problems related to the Indian Consulate works. During the initial COVID-19 breakouts in the month of March-2020 and further, during the peak COVID-19 breakouts, the consul general helped people with the emergency services and arranged flights for the Indian community under the “VANDE BHARAT” mission launched in collaboration with the Indian Foreign Ministry and Indian Government. The Consul General’s role was very important during these tough times. Also, the Consul General of India in Australia is a very down-to-earth personality and is always on their toes to help the Australian Indian community to resolve their queries and assist them in numerous Indian Consulate-related services such as Indian Police Clearance (PCC), Overseas Indian Citizenship (OCI) Card, Indian Passport renewal, Power of Attorney and etc.

Indian Australians are one of the largest groups within the Indian diaspora, with 783,958 persons declaring Indian ancestry, representing about 3.1% of the Australian population. With Such higher numbers of Indian Australians, The HCI, The CGI and their respective jurisdictional teams are very friendly and supportive and they are working very efficiently and tirelessly for the benefit and to serve the Indian Australian with their applications and other queries. Also, considering limited resources and staff to work on such a large number of applications in a strict time-bound process may sometimes affect the processing time hence as Indian Citizens it is our moral responsibility to accommodate, support and respect the HCI, CGI and the consulate staff with dignity and respect. Also, last but not the least, the CGI and CGI admin staff are really very helpful and supportive at every step of the process right from the beginning.


Indian Australians are the “Brand ambassadors” of India. Being a “Brand Ambassador” they should also encourage the local Australian population to visit India and its rich heritage culture and ancient architecture.  This will boost the tourism industry in India and also support tourism in India, Indian Government have launched numerous schemes to flourish tourism across India.

The High Commissioner of India and The Consulate General of India are involved in many other activities with the Australian Government for the betterment of the Indian community apart from consulate works, hence people are encouraged to reach them through their respective jurisdictional email IDs provided on the website and allow enough time to respond with the resolution of the queries.

In case of a real emergency, the Consulate staff are reachable through the emergency contact number. However, we advise people to use emergency services during a real emergency. This will also facilitate the staff to identify the real emergency and help them with minimum turnaround time.

The High Commissioner of India and The Consulate General of India are present across Australia and operate through the Consular Jurisdiction/ Consulate General office located in the following cities:-


  1. The Consulate General of India, Sydney (For New South Wales and South Australia).
  2. The Consulate General of India, Canberra (For Australian Capital Territory and Queensland).
  3. The Consulate General of India, Melbourne (For Victoria and Tasmania).
  4. The Consulate General of India, Perth, (For Western Australia and Northern Territory).