Public Notary India Services Made Easy with IVACS Australia​


Public Notary India Services Made Easy with IVACS Australia Are you looking for notary public services in or around Australia? We offer Notary Public Services to enable members of the community to notarize their documents as per the legal requirement of the NSW state at a nominal and affordable cost. At iVacs Australia, through this […]

PUBLIC NOTARY ( India services for any Indian Consulate work)


PUBLIC NOTARY ( INDIA SERVICES FOR ANY INDIAN CONSULATE WORK) A notary public is a government official with legal authority to view records, administer oaths, and perform various national and international administrative responsibilities. The stamps and signatures of all designated notaries public are officially recorded in a database maintained by the Department of Foreign Relations and Commerce (DFAT). iVACS provides public notary work within Australia. Certificates of Authenticity confirm that the […]