Apply for Indian PCC From Australia

Indian Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is issued to non-residents of India who are currently living in Australia. PCC is an official document given by the authorised official of the Indian government or by the Indian police to a person. It will recognize any criminal history that a person may have and will provide a clearance certificate if the record is clear.

The authorities in India have decided that the police clearance certificate will not be issued until a new police review of the PCC and application has been received. The PCC application will only be accepted for valid passports and not for passport renewal applications. The applicant should note that in order to apply for a PCC the applicant must include details in the application that differ from those in his passport – such as name, place of birth – any discrepancies between the parents names when the applicant applies for a PCC or applies for a new passport, changes in current dates, etc.

Application of PCC through iVACS:-

In order to apply for the police certificate, you must complete the PCC application form.

  • You can submit an application enquiry about the PCC process on the iVACS Australia website.
  • iVACS Australia will send you a list of required documentation for the service requested by you. On the personal form, you must provide your name, address (permanent address in India or current Australian address). Make sure to attach all relevant documents required as per the PCC Checklist.
  • Once you receive all the necessary documents, an iVACS Australia representative will contact you to schedule an appointment to sign them. If you prefer, we can also post all the documents required for your signature, and you can return them to us with your signature. For minor applications, both parents need to sign the application form and submit supporting documents.
  • An iVACS Australia representative will ask you to provide the necessary credit card information and authorize VFS for charging the application fee. Please be aware that all service charges will be automatically debited from your credit/debit card to ensure transparency, privacy, and compliance standards.
  • Once the payment has been made and relevant documents have been verified, our team will submit the application at the Consulate or their appointed authorized agent’s office, such as VFS Global.
  • iVACS Australia will provide you with a unique reference number for use in future correspondence or in order to track your applications.
  • The applicant then receives an email from Authority confirming their application is received and accepted.
  • After your application has been approved, the PCC will be delivered to your address via Post. You will need to sign for them when they arrive at your nominated address.


Important Note: 

Applicants must provide the correct permanent address in India, the applicant’s PIN code for Indian citizenship and other information should be verified by their parents/relatives to get the correct police station selected.

Do not confuse the Australian PCC as it is different from Indian PCC, with Australia, Australian Federal Police (AFP) in Canberra issues national police clearance certificates covering criminal records in all states and territories except Queensland. The application can be done online and has some conditions which must be met before an application for National Police Control (NPC) can be made. You must confirm the application with the local authority that accepts the certificate.

If you live in India, the process will be different as you will have to apply for PCC through the Passport to India website. If you have additional information or documents in support of your request, you need to contact VFS Global Australia.

Consular and other fees are subject to revision, so it may be different, Team at IVACS Australia can give an estimate of the cost.

IVACS Australia provides assistance with the following services:-

  • Application for the issuing of a new, lost or expired passport
  • Application for emergency visa to India
  • Application for a tourist visa to India
  • Application for renewal of OCI and request for new OCI
  • Application for IDLV (Indian Driver License Verification)
  • Registration for Power of Attorney
  • Application for Public Notary & Justice of Peace
  • Assistance with Police Clearance Certificate
  • Application or Assistance for a marriage certificate
  • Application or Assistance for a birth certificate
  • Translation of documents from regional to Australian English
  • Indian passport renewal Australia

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