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Success Your Migration

iVACS Australia helps the Australian Indian community as well as the local Australian community to provide assistance with Indian immigration matters. We provide hassle-free, convenient, and fast Indian immigration services. We are an independent organisation and NOT connected with VFS Global or appointed agent by the Consul General or High Commission of India Canberra office or Ministry of External Affairs India.

We will take care of all Indian Immigration & Consulate work for you.

Sit back and relax while we get all your work done. The list of our services includes but not limited to:

  • Application for the issuing of a new, lost or expired passport
  • Application for emergency visa to India
  • Application or Assistance for a tourist visa to India
  • OCI Application Renewal Australia and request for new OCI
  • Application or Assistance for IDLV (Indian Driver License Verification)
  • Registration for Power of Attorney
  • Application for Public Notary & Justice of Peace
  • Assistance with Police Clearance Certificate
  • Application or Assistance for a marriage certificate
  • Application or Assistance for a birth certificate
  • Translation of documents from regional to Australian English


At iVACS Australia, we provide quality customer service with a quick turnaround time. Once the application is submitted, the processing time may vary on a case-to-case basis. The consulate may contact the person whose details are mentioned in the application form for additional information/documents in order to process the application further. iVACS Australia will assist you in the submission of any additional documents/information to the Consulate and/or VFS office until all the requirements are fulfilled. 

Indian Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate


Visa for india

Renewing your Indian passport in Australia has never been easier, thanks to dedicated services aimed at streamlining the process of Indian migration. Whether you’re in Sydney or anywhere else across the Australia, the importance of a valid passport cannot be overstated. It’s your key to not only travelling back to India but also ensuring your stay in Australia is on firm legal grounds. For those looking to renew their Indian passport, it’s critical to partner with a service that understands the intricacies of the process, ensuring that everything from your application to the submission is handled with care and precision. With a commitment to making the renewal process as smooth and efficient as possible, these services are designed to cater to your needs, ensuring that your Indian passport renewal in Australia is completed without any unnecessary delays or complications.

Acknowledging the vital need for tailored assistance in navigating the Indian visa application process, especially for those based in Australia, it’s essential to explore the services offered by the Indian Visa Application Centre. This Centre not only facilitates the process of applying for an Indian visa in Australia but also ensures that applicants are well-informed about the various Visa Services available, including Tourist Visa, Entry visa, Emergency visa and other more. The emphasis on providing a streamlined, stress-free application experience underscores the importance of expert guidance and support in securing an Indian visa, highlighting the Centre’s commitment to enhancing accessibility and convenience for all applicants.

Why use IVACS Australia?

We provide convenient, easy, fast, reliable and trusted services



We are an independent organization and NOT connected with VFS Global or appointed agent by the Consul General or High Commission of India Canberra office or Ministry of External Affairs India. OCI Application Renewal Australia, All our services are aimed at providing a hassle-free and convenient experience for all our customers. Our team is well equipped with the essential procedures, expertise, and methods required to expedite your application process.